SorSavers Mix & Match

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SorSavers Mix & Match 

Roar in the Year of the Tiger with a prosperous gift of health for your loved ones. as well as our brand new flavour. Made with 100% natural and premium nuts, every packet is roaring with flavour, power and fearlessness!


What’s SorSavers Mix & Match? 

Premium Natural Soy (550g) + La Noix Granola(250g) , If you can’t get enough of your favourite soy milk, then this is the granola for you. Crunchy, lightly sweetened granola infused with the soy milk~Yummy~~~Start a super boost of energy from a nutritious breakfast of  SorSavers Mix & Match today!



  • Premium Natural Soy: 100% Organic Soybean Powder
  • La Noix Granola: Traditional rolled oats, brown sugar, maltose, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, hazelnut, almond, dessicated coconut, melon seed.


Why Choose Our La Noix Granola?

    Eco, Icon, Logo, Leaf, Friendly, Green, Natural, Nature                                                           
100% Natural Ingredients         No Refined Sugar (Low GI)                    No Artificial Flavour


      Lightning Icon                   Png Icon Vitamin #21417 - Free Icons and PNG Backgrounds                         

       Energising                              Antioxidants                  Immunity Boosting



How to Enjoy


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SORGANIC uses only high quality soybean as its raw materials. The top-grade non-GMO soybean is produced naturally only once a year. The production method was evolved and developed from hand-grind to the most advanced high-tech Japanese spray-drying method. In addition to high quality raw materials, the modern technology has granted Sorganic the most premium quality of all soybean powder.

SORGANIC was awarded the ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Management System, EU ECOCERT Organic and A-Grade Green Food Certifications,only to name a few.

1. Pour in 100ml of warm water.
2. Add 3 spoon of SORGANIC.
3. Stir well ( it is recommended to use a shaker or a fork, stirring in a beating motion)
4. Pour in another 80ml of warm water.
5. Stir well, and your tasty SORGANIC is now ready.