Pure & Natural

Pure & Natural

If you are fond of natural, organic and REAL food, SORGANIC is the one to offer you the purest, natural soy product in town.

SORGANIC is made of fresh and high quality non-genetically modified soybeans. It is processed using high-end Japanese technology that ensures the standard and quality of the soybean powder produced.

1 kilogram of normal soybean drink (which contains a high amount of sweeteners), can produce more than 40 litres of soy drink. Meanwhile, a kilogram of SORGANIC soybean powder only produces up to 5 litres of soybean drink, which indicates its richer soy content and pureness – giving you authentic and natural soybean instead of just flavouring and sweetness.

How is SORGANIC produced?

SORGANIC is produced with the latest Japanese spray-drying method. With advanced technology which de-skins, de-sprouts and deactivates harmful enzymes, SORGANIC retains all of the soy’s nutrition while eliminating harmful elements.

Manufacturing Process

Step 1: Premium Quality Organic Soybean

Step 2: Drying & Decortications

Step 3: Deactivation of Harmful Enzymes

Step 4: Fine Grinding & Homogenizing

Step 5: Separation of Residues

Step 6: Sterilization & Deodorisation

Step 7: Concentration & Disinfection

Step 8: Spray Dry

Step 9: Dry Sieving & Airing

Step 10: Packaging & Storage

Why must the enzymes in soybeans be reduced?

Soy contains more than 30 types of enzymes which affects its quality and nutritional value. In order to inactivate those enzymes, SORGANIC soybeans undergo a high temperature treatment during the production process to ensure the complete inactivation of those harmful enzymes.


Why do the soybeans have to be peeled or deskinned?

The peeling process of soybeans prior to plantation reduces the heat cells in the soil, which will later improve the flavour and taste of the soybeans as it limits the foaming reaction during the production process.


Why must the soybeans’ sprouts be removed?

Soybean sprouts contains a high level of purine. Retention of purine in our body will later be transformed to become uric acid, which causes bone and joint pains. This removal of sprouts will thus enable everyone, including uric acid patients, to enjoy SORGANIC without any worries.